The Roots Collaborative (TRC) offers diverse expertise and collective wisdom that help our clients institute sustainable policies, practices and building design.


What does sustainability mean to us?


A sustainable approach entails systems thinking and a long-term perspective.

Systems thinking necessitates understanding the links and interactions within a system, which is a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole.  A long-term perspective acknowledges that the actions of today have an impact on tomorrow.

At TRC, we take a holistic approach to management. We work with our clients to tackle complex problems through complete, thought-out solutions. We are also diligent to ensure that in meeting the needs of today, we are not compromising the ability for future generations to meet their needs.


Sustainability is commonly defined by a consideration of three pillars: The environment, society and economy.

We take a four-pillared approach. We believe that at the heart of our environmental, social and economic stability is the well-being of the individual — you!

Thus, helping you cultivate more well-being in your life is a core tenet of our work.